Browie’s Family Day and Gastro Food Park FoodVenture

Browie’s family day falls on a weekend, a perfect time for our family to spend a day with my brother’s classmates’ families. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, but that didn’t stop us from attending Browie’s family day. Growing up our parents find time to attend said activities for us, now on their senior years, they do the same for our younger brother. It was an experience that let me see the kind of parents who gave the kind of love and support that every child needs. It was drizzling while the anticipated mass is being celebrated still all the parents were there with their children. After the mass, they had the community dinner, every family put in one table their food to share, this shows the kind of class that my brother have, united and supportive. It was a testament of the kind of family each child has. While they were having community dinner, Miya and I went to experience and try Koronadal City’s first ever food park.

Mama and Miya
Gastro Food Park, Koronadal City’s first food park finally opened its door to SOX’s foodies last December 8, 2017.  We were so blessed that Browie’s family day was scheduled on a weekend, Miya & I was able to squeeze in a time to explore and try Gastro Park’s food offerings.

Last September, South Cotabato’s Tourism Council held the first ever streetfoodfestival. Merry Belly one of my must-try food stall during the streetfood festival, initiated and established this food park in the city.
We were lucky that during our visit Jan was there, Miya’s friend and the nephew of Merry Berry’s owner and the one who did the leg works and the man behind Gastro Food Park. He talks about how they choose the food stalls to invite. Each food stall produces the kind of food one would love to have, food that taste really good and delicious. During our visit there are 9 food stalls, which according to Jan another one will be joining them soon.
Miya and I were able to try 5 of 9 food stalls in Gastro Food Park. First we had Merry Belly’s Pepper Steak, a combo meal with rice. It was a very juicy and tender, what I love about Merry Belly is the fact that they never scrimp on the ingredients used. Ordered three kinds of burgers from Migo ni Kanu, been wanting to try their burgers for quite a time but I have a hard time finding them. Gastro Food Park made it convenient for foodies like me. I ordered WTF, the name speaks for it, juicy and very filling, it’s the kind of burger that one would love to have, for me it’s THE BURGER! I had Mushroom Burger and the Double Cheeseburger to take-out for Browie and the ‘rents to try.

Merry Belly's Pepper Steak

WTF of Migo ni Kanu, a must try

While waiting for our orders, I ordered lemonade from Urban Bites, Potion Green a cucumber lemonade and Arctic Blue a classic lemon, theirs are those lemonade "na nagasiga" according to Jan. Miya was happy to find 3R’s Crispy Chicken Express, she bought chicken “proven” and crispy isaw to take-out for Browie. And I got curious with the salad of The Bmarchai Café – d’Salad Bar. I ordered their Protein Loaded Salad, it’s the best way to introduce vegetables to a non-veggie eaters. It’s mix of macaroni with chicken and a gazillion of vegetables.
Uban Bites' Lemonade

Chicken "proven" of 3R's Crispy Chicken Express

Protein Loaded Salad of The Bmarchai Salad Cafe

Gastro Food Park gives foodies a place where one can eat good food and experience worry free food choices. It was worry free for a foodie like me because, I feel sad everytime I ordered something that doesn't taste good, its a waste of money for. But Gastro Food Park did it by choosing food that you'll be craving again and again. 

I will definitely go back to try the other food stalls........
Event and Table Date: December 9, 2017
Event & Table Buddies: Family