Pampanga: Aluminum Kitchenware Shopping in Floridablanca

Food and cooking is life. While helping in the preparation of food for the fiesta, Mama Nette notices the aluminum kitchenwares of Tita Vangie. There we learned that she bought those big "kaserola" from Floridablanca.
Floridablanca is a first class municipality in Pampanga. Aluminum kitchenware is one of the products that made Floridablanca known for. After visiting Porac's Sandbox, we passed by Brgy. Mabical in Floridablanca. Right after the welcome arch and the bridge are stalls selling aluminum kitchenware. I get to take a hold of a "syanse" as big as my face! But what makes their products unique is that it is hand made using the "palpag" technique.
Blessed again to have Mama Nette, she bought me two big "kaserola" and one big "kawali," perfect for more cooking in Aurora's Kitchen.

Travel Date: February 28, 2016


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