BelMar Eco Park and Beach Resort, Glan, Sarangani

We left Morales Beach right after breakfast and then it BOOM! Feels like every part of my body is aching. Headache and sore throat coming together, however I forced myself to sleep on our drive home I just can't.
Along the way we passed by BelMar Eco Park and Beach Resort at Sitio Cabug, Kapatan, Glan, I asked Lolo Boy to stop. I went to check if they offer native coffee, thinking it's all I need for the headache.
Belmar Eco Park and Beach Resort has a restaurant with a beautiful view of Sarangani Bay and Mt. Matutum. The restaurants offers a variety of food to choose from, making it a perfect stop for travelers looking for a place to eat. We had brewed native coffee and halo-halo for a mid-morning snacks.
While waiting for our orders, we went to explore the eco-park. There is an entrance fee to the park, inside are caged birds and animals that serve as an educational activity for kids. Browie had a great time observing and learning about the different animals. The eco-park goes down to a mangrove area by the beach. Belmar also offers rooms for overnight stay. As we went to explore more of the place, Papa and Mama were inspired on how we can develop our farm.

The time we spent in Belmar Eco Park, sipping brewed native coffee and enjoying the beauty of Sarangani bay and Mt. Matutum let me forget how I feel that morning. Nature indeed has its way of healing us and making us feel better. I should spend more time with nature then.
Travel Date: August 20, 2017
Travel Buddies: Family


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