A Visit to Grandma's Lumban

Arrived in Paranaque close to midnight and now we all all off to a place where we, in a way visit a part of our family's heritage. It was 4 A.M. and we're back on the road on our way to Lumban, Laguna.

Lumban, Laguna is my paternal grandmother's birthplace, a place Lola Auring is most proud of, her stories of her family's prestige and controversies filled our bedtime stories when me and my sister would visit her and Lolo during summer break at their farm.
Lumban in the Morning
After more than 28 years I will finally set foot to Lola Auring's Lumban. I can say that she know this place so well because despite all the changes in the streets and buildings she still recalls where to stop and find her cousin's house, Lola Cita.
I was expecting to see an old house that Lola told us about, those secret passages and bullet proof walls. But sorry all is gone, they all have modern, concrete houses built on the property.

After meeting Lola Cita Mercado - Ablao, we explored the streets of Lumban. I then imagine how was Lola's life back then, walking in the same alley ways and streets, regal maybe.
Sissy in the street of Lumban
 As we explore the streets of Lumban, we were able to see;
Lumbang Tree
The town of Lumban got its name from this tree.

San Sebastian Parish Church
The Church was built in 1600's by the Franciscans.

infront of Lumbang Church

The Altar
Choir Loop (above)

Municipal Hall of Lumban
Kesong Puti
  This made me so excited, I love cheese so much that tasting our very own cheese would be a blast. And yes we found one, just in the corner on the left side of Lumbang Church in the Maker of Kesong Puti (the original).
we were welcome to come in this 1928 archway of the Kesong Puti Maker

Now we're back to Lola Cita's house for lunch, and it was a feast of Lumban's Gastronomic Delights. And this was Lola's way of cooking, most of the dishes has "gata" or coconut's milk, now I know why I grew up with this kind of cooking.

The Feast.....
Sinugbang Pla-Pla (here in South Cotabato, it's Tilapia) in Coconut Milk
Ensaladang Kalamias & Kamatis
Ginataang Hipon or Balao-Balao (loovee it much)
Piniritong Pla-Pla

Ginataang Langka(Jackfruit)
Time to EAT
After Lunch, we rested and chatted with Lola Cita and her husband. Then off again to our next stop.
Meet the main characters: Lola Cita (white shirt) & Lola Auring(printed Gray,Black & White Blouse)
To More Mai Wanders!!!!
Travel Date: May 6, 2011


  1. Searching for ginataang hipon recipe got me here, the pic look so perfect! Would appreciate if you can share and email me the recipe at bbbelsonda@sasktel.net. Been trying to cook this, but can not get it right. :(


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