General Santos City: Barnyard Resto & Grill

After spending our Friday morning at the farm, we got a treat from Mama Dora. Mama treated us to a filling lunch at the newest addition to General Santos City foodie hub, Barnyard Resto & Grill.
Convincing my family (Papa, Mama & Browie) to try a new food place is never hard especially when it’s something that we love to eat, MEAT. Barnyard menu is more of the Western dishes with steaks and salads as their signature dishes.

For lunch we had; Pork Ribs, Sizzsling Bone Marrow & Local Rib Eye Steak. We had the steak well done for Browie, and mind you, the brother did not bother giving us his piece of steak. Mama was very satisfied with the steak too, it was juicy and very flavorful but never overpowering. 
I find the place cool. The interiors enhances my meal experience, giving me that rustic and barnyard vibe. I highly recommend that you visit and experience Barnyard. A big plus for is their customer service, during our visit it was a lunch time and we're the only group dining in, but then I can feel the courtesy that they extend to their customers.

Rack of Pork Ribs

Sizzling Bone Marrow

Local Rib Eye Steak

Complimentary Soup, while we wait for our orders to be served

My beautiful Mama

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Papa & Browie

Barnyard Resto & Grill is located at The View Building, #2 Salavani St, City Heights, General Santos City.


  1. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. you're welcome. I just love to share my wonderful exeperience with Barnyard!


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