Tuburan Mountain Resort

“The family has the duty to care for its elderly members but the State may also do so through just programs of social security.” Sec.4, Art.XV, Philippines Constitution.
Granny & Browie
It will be the new theme of my blog, as I travel and eat around, I will also be talking about the law.

Sometimes it is better not to plan anything, like the swimming activity I have with cousins; Maya, Deo & Ryner, my browie, Mama & Lola Auring. Yes I started this blog talking about the elderly, I found it fitting to be talking about them, most often than not with our work and other activities we tend to forget about them.
My company......
 I take Lola Auring for one, for six days she will be left alone at home and on Sundays she’ll have the company of my Tito & some cousins only for a few hours. I myself get to see her during Sunday’s church service, with the long weekends I decided to bring her along in our swimming escapade.

The little moments we spent with our grandparents, I believe, are precious moments in their lives. Lola may have stayed in the cottage and can’t even see us clearly as we play around in the pool, but I know, seeing her smile as she listen to our laughter made her happy that day.
our attempts to have under water shoots........sitting under water
with wowa, mama & deo
The pool

Tuburan Mountain Resort is located in Sitio San Roque, Bololmala, Tupi, South Cotabato. One can pass through Brgy. Palian or Brgy. Bololmala.


  1. hi mai. I've been reading ur blog since this morning because I stumbled upon this post since i was planning to go on sat. :)

  2. hello ems, thanks for dropping by, its great to know that you want to visit Tuburan Mountain Resort, an easier route will be through Brgy. Bololmala, you'll see signage along the way. Thanks again and enjoy your visit.

  3. Hi Mai! May I know how much is the accommodation at Tuburan resort? I beleive they have the new lodging house. My relatives are from Bgy. Bololmala too. And we are planning to visit Tupi on February 2013. Thnx! :)

  4. Hello anonymous, I don't know yet how much is their accommodation, the latest I know of is that they have zip line. No worries I'll check on their rates soon. And I'll post updates.

  5. Daghan nga Salamat sa imo Mai! :)

    1. You are always welcome Alex....To more travels


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