Zambales: Camayan Beach Resort and Zoobic Safari

Blessing is all over us. My Pampanga trip is a blessing for a wanderlust like me. Tito Eddie and his family were so kind to give there time driving us around. On our last day in Pampanga, Tita Vangie arrange that we visit Subic in the Province of Zambales.
Happy to be back in Subic, almost a decade now since the first time I visited SBMA, courtesy of Coach Rey, for making me a part of the group assisting barangay officials and local business men in an exposure trip on freeport zones and coal fired power plant.
For our Subic trip we went to Camayan Beach Resort and Zoobic Safari.  In Camayan Beach Resort, the staff were kind enough to allow as to take a walk around the beach area for free. But we have to go in 3's. Camayan Beach Resort is a laid-back beachfront that sits along the Subic Bay. Meters away from the resort is the Ocean Adventure, since i was able to experience Ocean Adventure, Miya was kind enough to choose Zoobic Safari instead.

Zoobic Safari is part of the 50 hectares being developed as a Forest Adventure. We took the tour package that includes 12 stations and an animal show for Php 595.00 per person. When got inside the animal show is on going so we waited for the tram to arrive that will bring to our first stop. Kids will surely enjoy the tour, but it failed me in a way, because I expect for a better service and facilities. The Forbidden Cave and Zoobic Cave, where real stuffed animals are on display, is not propely maintain, some stuffed animals don't have eyes or some part are falling apart. And having visited, Davao's Crocodile Park and Malagos, I was saddened to see the condition of the animals and commercialism all over the park. I know the park can do better with the fee that comes with it.

As I write this, I remember what my little Browie once told me, if you do not have something good to say, better keep it to yourself. But then my heart says otherwise, with the truth, a better park there will be. I hope for a well maintained Zoobic Safari in the future.

Travel Date: February 29, 2016