Koronadal City: Balolong Pandesal

Pandesal, is a Spanish word pan de sal that means "salt bread." It is Filipino's favorite breakfast, best partnered with hot native coffee. I grew up waiting for "Manong Pandesal" biking around our barangay at dawn, while calling out "pandesot."
Through the years, changes came and a "manong pandesal" was gone. For us to get a hot pandesal these days, we have to go to the mall to buy one. But a new pandesal craze has arrived Koronadal City, Balolong Pandesal.

Balolong Pandesal is located in a discreet corner of SMRAA. What made want to share it to others? It taste great and worth more that it's Php 2.00 price. I first got a taste of it when Ate Nene brought home a supot of its original and garlic pandesal. The bread is tasty and compact, now a days most pandesals are so airy, that you don't get full even after 10 pieces. But with Balolong Pandesal, a piece or two is enough to get me full.
Balolong Pandesal is located in SMRAA Complex, beside the Boy Scout Office, Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City.