Food can make or break our family's travel. Yes, aside from the sights, it is the food that makes our family wants to visit a new place. Our Isla Gigantes trip, we just wanted to see and experience its beautiful waters, that we get to watch and read about. Until we had "Wasay-Wasay."
Wasay is a Hiligaynon term for axe. "Wasay-Wasay" got its name because its is shaped like an axe. I did a little search about it, and some calls it the "fresh black lip oyster."
"Wasay-Wasay" tasted like talaba, but with out that muddy taste you sometimes get. It is deliciously sweet and fresh. The big difference that makes it fresher and better that talaba is that it can only be found by diving the reefs of Islas Gigantes. 

We ordered a tray of "wasay-wasay" for only Php 100.00, and a small fruit crate of freshly steamed wasay-wasay got to our table. We had it at Antonia, but recent Howie Severino GMA documentary showed that it is also available at the Bantigue sandbar.