Guava Pie, the Next Big Hit to Fund my Wanders

I read an article from Yahoo on "Eight things you must do for a happier life," and I just want to share how I manage to do Nos.1 and 3 together, or how the two relates to each other.
It says, TRAVEL. In my case I vowed to travel to at least one province in the country every year. And to how I relate it to No. 3, which is being passionate about something, a year ago I opened an online cupcake shop aptly called Passions Cupcakes. My passion for baking generated income and funded my other passion, traveling.
More than generating fund for my travels, sometimes its the other way around, my travel experiences inspire me to bake something. Just how I came up with Guava Pie, taking inspiration from my El Ideal visit with my family in Silay.

My hometown is known as the fruit & flower basket of South Cotabato. And at home, there are times that we just have too much of it, until I tried making the guava pie.
The recipe I made was based on an apple pie recipe I searched from the web. Knowing that apple and guava has a lot of similarities when it comes to taste and texture, I just just added some twist and eliminated some ingredients which not favored in my family's taste, nutmeg.
Here is how I make my Guava Pie;
1. Sliced and removed seeds 2. Mixed sugar, flour and cinnamon 3. Make the dough 4. Pour guava mixed in pan with dough
Cover with cinnamon streusel
During the Pinyahan Festival of Brgy. Cannery, Polomolok, my Guava Pie is one of the best seller during the Agri Fair. 

I hope in my own little way inspires you to do the things you are passionate about, because I can attest to it that I am happier now, knowing that I do the things I love.
More Mai Wanders!!!