T&T: Tablea & Torta of Argao City

Those Tablea drops I saw at Tabuan Market in Cebu City, encouraged my desire to go straight to its makers in Argao City. But it is not just the tablea that made Argao City famous, it has also been synonymous to Torta, a pastry with "tuba" as its rising agent.
From The Riverstone Castle on our way back to Poblacion, we drop by a store to buy Tablea. They're easy to find because of their signage, and you'll definitely have the original Argaoanon's tablea. One thing I noticed with Argao's tablea is the unity that the makers have, their products have the same Argao Tablea labels on it. I bought two packs for only Php120.00 to bring home.
Photo grabbed from the net, I failed to took photo of the Tablea I bought 

Argao's tablea drops I transferred to a ziploc bag at home 
Back in the Poblacion we asked Manong Driver to drop us at Chitay's. Chitay is one of the many Torta makers in Argao. Tired from a whole day of going around Argao, I bought two pieces of Torta, I cannot even eat the whole piece, after a few bites I felt full already. 
Chitay's Torta
You can really taste the "bahalina tuba" in every bite. I bought more baked goodies at Chitay's; ladies finger and uraro for pasalubong, for a total of Php 170.00. 
A trip to Argao won't be complete without trying it's T&T.
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Travel Date: July 1, 2012


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    1. Argao's tablea is so pure and been using it a lot in baking and in my dessert experiments.....my sissy brought more last summer....


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