Around the Municipality of Poro

Right after Sunday Thanksgiving Service & Lunch, Sissy & I, left Adela for Consuelo. But before going to Consuelo, we went to Poro to buy tickets for other volunteers who will leave early the next day.
Perfect for driving practice......Paved Road of Adela
Poro is a 4th class municipality and administratively subdivided into 17 barangays, Adela is one of those barangays. 
The road to Poblacion Poro is one of the most scenic road trips I had. Riding or hiring a motorcycle is convenient than a multi-cab. You can stop anytime to take photographs.

Around Poblacion, we saw old houses and churches. Sto. Nino Church is the oldest church in Poro, established in 1849. Poro is an old town, it was founded as a town in 1701.

Entrance to the Port of Poro

On our way to Consuelo, we passed by the coastal barangays on the Western side of Poro. 

The causeway between Poro & Pajican Island
The causeway between Poro and Pajican Island, the mangroves along the road gives a sense of peace in me. As we crossed the bridge, we bid our goodbye to the simplicity & beauty of Poro.
More Mai Wanders!!!
Travel Date: May 20, 2012
Travel Buddy: Sissy