Enchanted River Stays True to Its Name

The long ride and fear of getting lost in this unfamiliar road is all worth it the moment I saw the azure and crystal waters of Enchanted River. So happy that I am in my dream place, hahaha, the Piscean in me  just love the water.

Road going to Enchanted River
From our last stop in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, it took us another 2 hours of road trip along Davao-Butuan Highway. The river is located at Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan, which is about 30 minutes of rough and uneven road from the main highway. We were a bit hesitant when we were already on the rough road to the river because we don't see any vehicle coming out or going in to the area, the fear getting lost sets in. 

But I say let's do it with fear, until, VIOLA! We are in Enchanted River & it was full of visitors, most of the cottages were taken, so we settled in an open single cottage.

A Must When Visiting Enchanted River:
Take a Dip. Seeing its clear, blue waters is not enough without experiencing the river itself. The moment you get in the water, you will be amazed that from above the water looks so calm, but it got strong currents down there.
That is the purpose of stringed buoy across the river, it serves a break to those carried by strong current.

Eat Fresh Seafood. I can't stop from salivating over the steamed "Curacha," crabs, fried dangit, "litub" stew and grilled squid. And one thing I notice after eating with my hands, I didn't get the "langsa" smell on my hands, can it be the true test that sea foods in Hinatuan are really fresh.
Litub Stew


Grilled Squid

Crispy "Dangit"

"Curacha ang Tawag sa Kanya"

Do Not Miss the 12:00 N.N. Experience. Watch for it, do not leave Enchanted River without hearing the Enchanted River theme song and seeing its Enchanted Fishes. All must be out of the water by this time, they feed the fishes while a music is being played.

With these experiences, you will surely say that Enchanted River is indeed enchanting.
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Travel Date: April 18, 2012
Travel Buddy: D' Group