Bislig Riverview Inn, Your Home to Stay in Bislig

It is one of those trips that I did not book any accommodation. It was getting dark when we got back from Tinuy-an Falls to Bislig City, and we still don't have a place to stay for the night. With the recommendation from a staff in Tinuy-an Falls, that we can find a pension house near Bislig City Hall is a disaster.
Nobody from that area knew of any pension or inn. Disappointed, we still continue looking for a place to stay, until we stopped in a "sari-sari" store, but still they don't know any place to stay. Until someone heard me and introduced himself to be a city councilor of Bislig City, and he knows of a place where we can stay. He told us to convoy with him.
The place, Bonsay Riverview Inn.Good thing that the inn got available  rooms and the room rates are reasonable. We got three air conditioned rooms, each room can accommodate four persons with toilet and bath.
Browie & Mama getting ready....

Bonsay Riverview Inn is located in Baybay I, Poblacion, Bislig City. The owners graciously provided us with 3 in 1 coffee and hot water the next day for free. For three rooms we just paid P2,100.00 only.
To Mr. City Councilor, thank you so much for helping us around Bislig. Sorry that I failed to remember your name.
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Check - In: April 18, 2012
Check - Out: April 19, 2012
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Bonsay Riverview Inn
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0908-225-5145 (Dodo)
0947-303-8541 (Jane)