Wandering at 4:00 A.M. in Roxas City

For a wanderlust, any time can be a chance to wander. It is Christmas time and mid-December means Simbang Gabi, for a non-Catholic like us, we do not have Simbang Gabi, but we find it as a safe time to wander around Roxas City Church, Plaza, Capitol Compound, Municipal Hall and  Bridge.

When get to the hotel lobby, the front desk staff is off to dreamland and has to wake her up for us to go out. Outside, Manong Guard is just taking a nap in one of the chair,LOL nap lang promise.....nagulat nga cya pagbalik namin eh.....
Just waking distance from our hotel is the Church, where a morning mass is being celebrated. We felt safe going around because of the people standing by, hearing Simbang Gabi.

I can get strange look from people, maybe wondering, why this two ladies in walking shorts, going around and taking pictures at the wee hours.
Before going back to the hotel, we bought instant coffee and pandesal from the bakery across the hotel.

Mai's Lessons Learned:
Got the chance and time, wander around. Sometimes we need not plan, because it is in those serendipitous moments that we create beautiful memories.
Walk Date: December 21, 2011
Walk Buddy: Sissy