Relaxing Stay at EON Centennial Plaza Hotel

Yes moved, hahaha, we transferred hotel from Fine Rock Hotel to EON Centennial Plaza Hotel. 

We got an a Standard Room (Twin Sharing) good for 4 persons, and since there were 6 of us, we paid for an additional person and they provided us with an extra foam. I saw the big difference from our previous hotel, at EON, they didn't suggest that we get an extra room, they even encouraged us to just have an additional foam to save.

And when we got to our room, well I heard "Buti na lang lumipat tayo, mukhang safe na ang banyo," from Mama. I totally agree with her. Bathrooms are the perfect basis for checking the sanitation of the hotel, if it is clean, dry and smells good, go for that hotel.
I see a happy Bro as well, it only means that he is comfortable with our new hotel room.
the morning after.....

HAPPY to GET a GOOD SLEEP that night.
Check - in Date: December 22-23, 2011