Not Fine in Fine Rock Hotel

A decision has been made, “they are staying there and we have to stay there too,” am I hearing Hitler or Marcos? Martial Law na ulit?
That is how we came to check-in at Fine Rock Hotel, waaaaaaaaaay back in college I’ve known that it is one of the oldest hotel in the city. That is why I never considered it while planning this trip, but then Papa has decided.
Here are the only photographs we had in Fine Rock Hotel. Wonder why?HMMMM

Sight outside the Hotel
Paid…..Got Two Rooms….and Take the Stairs to the 3rd Floor.
All these were our lil browie’s whinings and we support him 101%;
1.) “Ate Elevator Tayo.””Pagod na Ako.” Sorry Bro, let’s take the stairs, we need to burn some of the calories we stored up in the past days! No elevator, its healthier.
2.) “Ate Sleep Ako Dito Sa Inyo” Ok browie, you can share bed with ate che…..a little later….”Init man Dito doon na ako kay Mama.” What to expect, old building old air conditioning unit rin.
3.) “Huhu! Mama pangit ng Water” Why in the world he drink from the faucet, bata kasi. This time Mama keeps telling Papa to transfer to another hotel the next day.
These were the observations and whining of my five-year old brother. I think it is better to keep mine for now. His observation is enough.
Check-In Date: December 21, 2011
Room Buddies: Sissy & Miya