Foodie Finds: "Buho" Pandesal

I always wanted to find a "hole in a wall" restaurants and foods. During my quick Iloilo City trip, I did found a hole in a wall food, and literally it is a hole in a wall. 
"Buho Bakery and Buho Pandesal," "buho" is an Ilonggo term for hole, that's how this place got its name. The owner sold their breads through a small hole on the wall.

I have to thank Manong Sikad driver who willingly brought me to "buho." When I got there a morning jogger arrives and buy a pancho bread, but its was not yet available so she bought the famous pandesal. She told me to try the pancho, its very delicious. 
Not willing to wait, I opted for 5 pieces pandesal and gave Manong Sikad 10 pieces pandesal.
Buho Bakery is located in an alley between the block of Mapa Street and Ortiz Street. You can take a trisikad to get there easily.
Buho Pandesal Found and Tasted!!!
Travel Date: June 30, 2012