Foodie Finds: Cafe Leona & Leona Florentino

No blog about Vigan have I read did  no mention of Cafe Leona, but to my amazement when I asked a local where is it best to taste authentic Iloco cuisine, he never mentioned of Cafe Leona.

Still we went around town to look for Cafe Leona, strategically located in the beginning of the famous & most photograph Calle Crisologo is the old house of Vigan's most respected literary figure, Leona Florentino.
The ancestral house today, houses Ilocos Sur Tourism Office and Heritage Center and Cafe Leona.
Ilocos Sur Tourism-Information Center
Across is a mini-plaza dedicated to Leona Florentino herself, whose family tree can be traced back to our country's National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

The ground floor where the restaurant is located is a picture of an old "bahay na bato," where the ground floor services as the "bodega" and garage, evident were those big doors and hallways.

The menu of the restaurant is laid before you in a buffet setting, very Filipino indeed, "turo-turo" so to say. During our visit we had; Binagoongan Baboy, Vigan Longganisa, Caldereta and Bagnet.

And so I say......Cafe Leona Found & Tasted!


  1. Very nice place... Thanks for sharing this blog. You've found a very historic place and a authentic Ilocos food cuisine.

  2. Totoo po ba yung story na may nainlove na espanyol sa isang taga vigan then prineserve ang vigan dahil sakanya kaya historical pa rin ang vigan ngayun?

  3. Is the story true about the spaniard who fell inlove with a lady who is from vigan thats why vigan was preserved because of her.?

    1. Hello density! Thanks for reading. As to your question if it's true, I am not sure about it but I came across said story. And we learned from history that there were place preserved or were not destroyed because of love.


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