Davao del Sur: Kublai's Art Garden

Blessed. Grateful. Those were the words I uttered while I sat under the trellis beside the glass house in Kublai's Art Garden. Having the chance to visit this place for the second time is indeed a blessing.
In 2007, Kublai's Agong House was still a work in progress. Back then, I was blessed to be mentored by Kublai's dad, Coach Rey, for we were like athletes listening and learning from the Rainmaker. I have come a long way, no longer employed, working 24/7. And that boldness comes from Coach Rey. 
Sorry that I get to reminisce, instead of sharing more about Kublai's Art Garden. The garden showcase the talent of Kublai, and through his art, I felt the serenity that I have within me. That it takes, an artist, through his sculpture, to trigger, the capacity to have serenity and peace.
I cannot speak for others, but I am sharing the my experience, as I walked through the garden. In the heart of Kapatagan, there I found........PEACE.
Kublai's Art Garden is located in Brgy. Kapatagan, Sta. Cruz, Davao Del Sur.