Mama's 61st Birthday

Growing up, birthdays mean food, not just food but lots of home cooked food. I am neither exaggerating nor bragging about it, instead have it as a family tradition of serving food to relatives and friends as a form of thanksgiving for another year of blessing. 
Celebrated Mama's birthday with a dinner with family and relatives, a breakfast with former office mates and friends the day after and a lunch with Lola Leny.
61 years is a blessing worth thanking for. And to thank God for the life of my Mama Dora, the best way I know to show how grateful I am is by cooking and baking on Mama's birthday. I made hardinera, while Ate Nene  cooked Kare-Kare, Sotanghon na Manok, Native Chicken Afritada, Sissy made Arroz Valenciana. Browie gave 3 native chicken as well. For dessert I ordered, Tita Vangie's Mocha Yema Cake and she also gifted Mama her classic Boston Creme Cake. I make fresh fruit tart, which was a hit, that I ended making another batch for the next day's visitors. Papa ordered a tube of Ube Macapuno Ice Cream.
Birthdays at home are made extra special because we made it a tradition to gift each other with our service of cooking and baking.

Event's Date: October 20, 2017