Mama's Love for Lunch in Tacurong City

Happy and hungry after our Baras Bird Sanctuary visit. Back in the city center of Tacurong City, with list of restaurants and Mr. Waze working went for the first restaurant and nah, its nowhere to be found, even ask a few locals about it and nobody know about it. It's okay, we can manage our hunger, the next restaurant is near and then we parked, got down, opened the door and the place is empty, wooh.
We decided to just drive around find a place where locals go, then we saw Mama's Love. Located just along the National Highway going to Sultan Kudarat, Mama's Love saves the day for a hungry foodie family. When we get in, it was so full, and so we went straight to the table available and ordered right away. For lunch we had; Litson Manok, Mixed Seafood Vegetables, Crispy Hito, Fried Lumpia and Knickerbocker.

Food was good and very affordable for its serving size. We were so full after our lunch, that despite a very hot midday sun, we were able to have enough energy to some side trips after.
Table Date: November 3, 2017
Table Buddies: Papa, Mama and Sissy