Lake Holon Campsite for a Night and Salacafe’s Hugot Trail

We got to Lake Holon campsite past 2:30 P.M., and the first thing that comes to mind, put up our tent so that we can rest. Yes we trekked that long just to sleep. We were the 2nd to the last group to arrive at that day, with most of campers decided to have their tent by the bonfire area, we were the only group that chose to take the nearest area to the lake. I took a few minutes relishing on the beauty set before me. I feel so relax as I sit the rock surrounded by wildflowers.

We took an afternoon nap, just in time for sunset our dinner has arrived. We asked Ate, our tour guide, to buy us a kilo of tilapia, its Php 70.00/kilo freshly catch from the lake. Ate then cooked rice and grilled the tilapia.

As evening came, we enjoyed the night catching up, the pure bliss of conversation, which at times we failed to do because of our busy schedules. Then my comfort room experience, my advice, does your thing before it gets dark. We planned to take a half bath that night, when it was my turn inside one of those makeshift bathroom/comfort rooms. Just as I took the last piece of my clothing, in the shadows I saw a sneaky movement on the floor going where I am standing, with presence of mind, I did not move nor scream; with fear under outmost control I let it passed me. Wearing just my underwear I went out, and to my friends surprise they asked me why, there I told them what I saw.

The next day, we wake up early, had coffee and breakfast. Then we went to enjoy the beauty of the Lake Holon. At exactly 7:30 A.M., we’re off and ready to go through the “Hugot Trail” of Salacafe also known as the monkey trail. The first phase of the trek is the most difficult because it was the steepest part of the trail. But as we start to descent, it was just a walk in the park compare to what “kule trail” had.

We reached Salacafe Briefing Area, past 10:00 A.M., we went straight to the Tourism Office to freshen up and get our certificate.

Before we left T’boli, we had lunch ready for our next adventure in the bountiful town of Tupi.

Climb Date: September 9-10,2017
Climb Buddies: Jing, Jane and Coycoy