Spring Hills Resorts in Ivisan, Capiz

Stayed for a night in Ivisan, Capiz and there is no better way to get a good night sleep than Spring Hills Resort. Ivisan is blessed with hilly spring resorts and white sand beaches. In Malocloc Norte only it's a barangay where the family of Ate Nene lives, there are 3 spring resorts that can accommodate an overnight stay.
Spring Hills Resort is located in a hilly portion with lush mountains around, Spring Hills Resort gave us our much needed sleep. The resort has a number of accommodation available for family or groups. They have dormitory type rooms as well as open cottages for day guests. There are two swimming pools in the resort, an adult pool that goes up to 5 feet deep with two storey high slide tower and a children pool that goes up to 3 feet deep.
We planned of having a night swim but then we arrived late and it was so cold so me and Miya just decided to try night photography instead. The next day, Browie, Miya & Sissy did have a morning swim, while I just watch them because I left my swimming clothes in the house of Ate Nene.

Spring Hills Resort is owned by Ate Nene's mother, and the manager was Ate Nene's cousin though we did not asked for discount, they surprised with shinning shimmering Hot D the next day. Hot Daniel been on the road for 5 days and finally it got a good car wash.
Travel Date: May 19-20, 2017
Travel Buddy: Family