Moving Fast to See More of Siquijor

It's 3:00 P.M. and we just started our Siquijor adventure. As planned, we need to go to Lazi, Siquijor for another RORO/Ship ride to Iligan City (this was based on a shipping/ferry schedules and routes I've researched.)
With just an hour left, we need to move fast to see more of what this mystical island province can offer to visitors.
1. Capilay Spring Park in San Juan
One of the places in San Juan, Siquijor that will never go unnoticed. Located in the heart of the town, just across the police station is a natural spring pool where you can go for a swim. I would loved to go for a dip, but because of the time constraint, we just walked around and took some photos.

2. Century Old Balete Tree in Lazi
Iconic and a must in Siquijor. From Magandang Gabi Bayan to Rated K and Jessica Soho, the Century Old Balete Tree of Lazi tops the list for Holloween and Holy Week's TV Special. Located along the Circumferential Road to Lazi is the Century Old Balete Tree famous for the cold spring at the foot of this banyan tree. The first thing I noticed when we made a stop, are the tourist sitting around the pool. Then I learned that there is a fish spa by the spring. And so we did take a few minutes and get tickled by the fishes.

3.  San Isidro Labrador Parish (Lazi Church) and Lazi Convent
We reached the town of Lazi and we went straight to the port area, and there was nothing, no boat or even people around that we can ask, the place looks abandoned.

And so I asked Lolo Boy if we can just go around and look for Lazi Church. San Isidro Labrador Parish  is one of the oldest church in the island and righrt across it is the Lazi Convent. During our visit, Lazi Convent was closed to visitors because of the renovation being done. 

We made another quick look around the church, and what amazed me are the hardwood used in the church upper part and floor. The church and the convent were declared national landmarks by the National Historical Institute.
There are a lot to see and do in Siquijor that even before we leave, I vowed to myself that I will be back to this beautiful island.
Travel Date: May 22, 2017
Travel Buddy: Family