Breakfast at New Orleans Cafe

New Orleans Cafe piqued our interest because its page says cajun & creole restaurant and its something I haven't tried. Creole cuisine is a style of cooking originatinf in Louisiana, USA which blends French, Spanish, West African, Ameridian, Haitian, German, Italian and Irish influences. Quite strong for a cuisine that gets a number of influence, so lets go and have breakfast then.
Located along J.P. Laurel Avenue, a few blocks from Red Planet Hotel, we decided to take a walk to New Orleans Cafe. As I walked in, those purple couch and color scheme calls my attention and interest. We were the only group having breakfast that time, so we have the full attention of the restaurants staff.
Breakfast for four foodies; Cappuccino for Php 110.00, Hot Brewed Coffee for Php 90.00, Hot Choco for Php 120.00, Cheese Cake Milkshake for Php 125, Creole Special for Php 225.00, Ham & Egg w/ Cheese Panini for Php 125.00, Chicken Salad Panini for Php 120.00 & Monte Cristo for Php 185.00.
Breakfast for the great eaters

PDu Cappuccino

Chicken Salad Panini

Creole Special

Breakfast was a fun experience for us because we're so curious of what we ordered, we don't have any idea what a Monte Cristo or Creole Special is. Monte Cristo is a fried ham & cheese sandwich, its a French toast with a ham and cheese inside. Creole Special has toasted bread, sunny side-up egg, bacon and potato salad. But what made us giddy is my sister's Cappuccino came with the president's  face on it.

New Orleans Cafe is an experience to remember. Food was okay but quite pricey for just a panini sandwich. And your bill comes with the 5% service charge, which I don't mind as long as customers are treated well.
Table Date: June 9, 2017
Travel Buddies: Miya, Sissy & Browie