The Kitchen and The Bank

Proverbs 18:9 "one who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys" reminded me never to feel tired of the blessings God put into my hands. 
The past weeks has been one of the busiest for me, but then God's timely reminder is there, never to slack in my work. A few days before the blessing of RBAI's Head Office, Papa asked me to prepare a dessert and pica-pica menu for the blessing. Here we go again with those instant orders which I can't say no to.
My day last Saturday started as early as 2:00 A.M. in the kitchen. For pica-pica, I prepared pizza bomb, chicken empanada and unsweetened banana chips with mango & pineapple salsa. For desserts I had; cassava cake, pineapple cinnamon tartlets and ube crinkles. Most of the ingredients I used like the cassava, ube, pineapple and banana are locally produce or comes straight from our farm, to make sure that I know what gets into the food I prepare. I finished everything just in time to prepare for the blessing.

The blessing started with a Holy Mass, then the building's blessing, followed by a lunch. The bank invited our valued clients, and this made me put faces on the names I write in the minutes of our BOD meetings. And the best part of it is we get to sit and talk with them, making them feel that RBAI is their partner in progress.

My weekend is indeed a testament that we must be thankful for all the works that are given to us, and to do it with a happy heart. My family will always be grateful for the 22 years of blessing.

Events Date: August 5, 2017