DIY Tuesday: Air Plants and Himmeli Air Plant Orb

Tilladsia or air plants are my latest fascination. I got interested with it because it's easy to grow and care for. And they thrive without soil. 
Though they are easy to grow, there are a few rules and tips to follow; 1.) constant air circulation - Mama reminded me to open my bedroom windows to make my air plants happy 2.) air plants need moisture - I do schedule swim time for my air plants, when I get to busy I mist them 3.) fertilize - its the first reminder from the Manang from whom I bought my tilladsias, fertilize atleast once a month 4.) they love warm weather but not full bright sun -  they thrive indoor, I hang them in our living room but I get to bring them outdoor once a week in a shaded area.
There are a lot of ideas on how to display or hang your air plants. One is a himmeli air plant orb that I found in youtube. Yep, I love doing DIY, I love creating and doing things with my hand. For my himmeli air plant orb, I use the used plastic straws from Aurora's Kitchen. Himmeli is Swedish word for sky or heaven. It is a Finnish ornament, a mobile decoration that is traditionally made of straw or reeds. After I made the himmeli air plant orb, I just spray paint then I have my very own air plant mobile. And its the best way to recycle used plastic straws.