Crossing Northern Cebu, Bogo City to Tabuelan, Cebu

The itinerary I made changes a lot, every time I read something that I can probably add up to our roadtrip or something that would make our travel to Capiz a lot faster. 

a welcome sight as we pass through Leyte & Cebu Strait

Bogo City - Tabuelan route came when I started looking for a new route that would take us faster to Ate Nene's hometown Ivisan, Capiz. But then a few surprises came along the way, that we have to happily take and enjoy each moments, like staying for a night in Palompon and to be awake for 24 hours just to get to Capiz before May 20.
Sugarcane Plantation in Bogo City

We took the RORO from Palompon, Leyte to Bogo City, Cebu, that was supposed to leave by 7:00 A.M.  but was able to leave past 8:00 A.M. We arrived in the port of Bogo City around 11:00 A.M. and as planned, we are to ride the 12:00 N.N. RORO in Tabuelan to Escalante, Negros Occidental.  But then, we again failed in our attempt to reach Tabuelan on time. When we got in port terminal of Tabuelan, the next RORO was scheduled leave at 2:00 P.M. but according to some port staff, a newly opened RORO service is scheduled to leave at 1:30 P.M. via Tabuelan - Sagay, Negros Occidental. The adventurous spirit in me get excited to try this new route.

When we got to Goldenbridge RORO Port Terminal, the port area is still under construction but we were in for a surprise. Passengers are free of charge, we just have to pay for our vehicle, this is part of their 3 months promo to promote the RORO service, and we were there on its last day. 

Just as we settled and waited for the time to board, hunger pangs kick in. Good thing that there was a Manang/Auntie that sells snacks and hard boiled eggs. Mama asked her if she can cook rice for us and we will just buy all her hard boiled eggs for our lunch. And lunch was served after an hour. Now we are ready for Negros Occidental adventure.

Travel Date: May 18, 2017
Travel Buddy: Family