Cousin's Day Out: Big Pao's Food Service and The Coffee Table in Koronadal City

God make us COUSINS because He knew our mothers could not handle us as siblings. Read it this morning, and find it  amusing but true.
Cousins' day out are impromptu trips or errands that end up to a food trip, because we just looove FOOD. Accompanied Sissy and Miya for their drivers license renewal and we asked Deo to drive for us. 
Waiting for Sissy and Miya even turned out into a mini food adventure in Gaisano's grocery food stall area. And being the Ate I knew its the only thing that would keep Browie's boredom. We had Mai Pao's Ham & Cheese Pao, Master Siomai's Japanese Siomai and Buko Pares' Buko Leche Flan Shakes. Just as we're finished with our food Sissy and Miya are done with their licenses. And there's the big question from my brother, " 'ti diin ta kaon te?"

I knew it and I came prepared for it, Big Pao's Food Service is next. Seen and read a lot about Big Pao's for a time, and finally I have the time and the company to try it. We initially planned to have lunch of rice and their ribs and chicken and more, but for some reason most of the food on their menu that we order were not available. And since Browie is HUNGRY na daw, we opted for the burgers. We ordered different kinds of burgers, I only remember the one I ordered; the Peanut butter burger. Strange combination but it tasted so good that I was able to finish it. Big Pao's Food Service is located in JEP Building, Pantua Village, Koronadal City.

Next stop is The Coffee Table. Coffee shops seems to be in thing in Koronadal City food scene nowadays. I initially thought that it was a homegrown coffee shop, but with some research I learned that it started in Naga City. And the best thing about them is they used homegrown coffee beans. Learning about it made me happy to know that I get to spend my hard earned money on coffee that would  benefit Filipino coffee farmers. 
Good thing that when we get to The Coffee Table we were the only customers that afternoon. We had so much fun, especially with Browie's choice, he had Iced Caramel Macchiato. We asked him why always go for the macchiato, he told us that its the only blend he knew of. In his own words, "amo lang bi na kilala ko, nahuya ko maghambal sang iban kay basi mali." Browie amazes us all the time, that child in him with so much maturity is our biggest blessing. We ordered; Iced Caramel Macchiato for Php 125.00, Black Forest for Php 150.00, Caramel Ride for Php 150.00, Double  ESS for Php170.00, Mocha Cookie Crumble for Php 170.00 and Fruity French Crepe for Php 160.00.

The Coffee Table is located at 362 Rizal St., Zone IV, Koronadal City, just across KNCHS gate. It's a good place to relax and have coffee.