RBAI is Up for the Challenge

RBAI(Rural Bank of Alabel, Incorporated)  is family. I grew up attending every Christmas Party and Company’s Bowling Tournaments. Nowadays it is part of me, my life and routine. Every milestone the bank makes is a blessing worthy of thanksgiving.
Middle of 2016, the Board of Directors decided to renovate the bank’s building, mainly to improve its aesthetics and encourage a larger clientele base. After a year, RBAI’s new building stands ready for the new challenges the coming years will bring
The day started with a Holy Mass in the main floor, followed by the blessing of the three floors. The second floor is for rent, while the third floor is an open area for events and activities.  A program followed, the Pressident, Mun. Coun. Ines, RBAI’s Mrs. E. Bernardo and the Chairman delivered their message. The Chairman shared the five core values of RBAI; 1. We believe in God, 2. We believe in Integrity 3. We believe in our Client 4. We believe in Innovation and 5. We believe in Our Personal Character. He emphasized the vision of RBAI in the future will greater, brighter and will be able to fulfill its role in the development of the countryside towards uplifting the lives of the “common tao.”

Events Date: June 24, 2017