Mother's Day 2017

My Mama, and I pray; Lord let me look like her at 60 yrs.old
Mother's day this year was celebrated almost the same as last year. We ate at the same restaurant for lunch, gifted Mama something she loves, a phaleanopsis orchid. But it was not the same because it was more meaningful for me. Not because I am a mom now, praying to be one, but this year was a testament of my Mama Dora's capacity to love.
Mama's love is bigger than us 3!!
Mother's day was celebrated on the same day as the graduation of Vacation Church School(VCS). She sponsored a week long VCS in a small community in Upper Cebuano, Tupi. I saw my mother's heart, that she can love and care for more, more than us, her three children. When you see Mama Dora, first thing you will see is her strong character oftentimes mistaken for being "suplada and maldita." Well she is, but her capacity to give love and care makes those first impression a speck of dust in who she is as a mother.
Children who participated in the VCS

Helping me prepare snacks for VCS Graduates, she wakes-up ahead of the surprise bearers

Mama & Papa believe that a person's character is develop at the very young age. Back then I do not understand why they forced us to go to Church. 

Mother's day celebration in Church

After Sunday church service, we went to have lunch at the House of Cashew, because Sissy was not able to try it last year. Before heading home, I picked-up a cake order from Tita Vangie for Mama and Papa's 35th Wedding Anniversary.
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