Koronadal City: Refuge Cafe

Cafes and coffee shops have been sprouting in Koronadal City late last year. Refuge Cafe is one of the players in coffee shop market. I first learned about it while buying a canned coffee in one of the pharmacy along Arellano St. Ms. Cashier asked me if I have tried the newly opened coffee shop in Abad Santos St., (si ate nga naman galing magmarket at ako namang si atat na matry hanap ng hanap ng chance d naman nagkakaroon)
Fast forward February 2017. After my afternoon errands and while waiting for my parents who fetch Browie from school, I had the perfect chance to visit Refuge Cafe. First thing I noticed were the stacked of wooden crates full of books to read. It made the bookworm in me smile and feel excited to take a sit and browse through the books.
I had the Iced Caramel Machiato and a slice of Chocolate Crepe Cake. Refuge Cafe is a place for find some quite time in the city.