Another Day in the Kitchen

I was reminded of Julia Child's quote, "No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing it." True enough, I did learn how to cook because I love to re-create what my aunts would cook at home. Back in grade school, I was in grade III when my aunts and grandparents moved to their own home, every Sunday Mama Net and Mama Be would cook something special because we will all be there to eat lunch sometimes even until dinner.
No youtube, blogs or pinterest back then, I recreated Ma Net classic carbonara. I just remember the cans of milk and plastic wraps around the kitchen that might have been used in making it, and I ended up having a creamy soup instead of a sauce. Keep experimenting until, Ma Net gave me the recipe and this days, I can tweak it to the kind of white sauce I would love to have.
The kitchen is my laboratory. Our latest family roadtrip let us have a taste of challah bread from Larena Triad Restaurant in Siquijor and 7-up cake  from Panderia de Molo in Iloilo. And now that we're home, we tried to re-create it.
Sissy, Miya, Browie and I, had the whole day of Saturday cooking and baking. Miya and Sissy cooked Pad Thai for lunch. I baked 7-up cake and prepared the dough for challah bread, while Miya and Browie practiced different braids for challah bread.
Our day in the kitchen made Mama and Papa so full and joked that we stop being in the kitchen.