Travel Diary 2016: Cheding's Peanut & Dado Lechon

On my second to the last post of our Nothern Mindanao Roadtrip 2016. Before leaving Iligan City, a must for us, is to find pasalubong that's locally made. And what is more iconic of Iligan City's waterfalls,  Cheding's Peanut.
Cheding's Peanut is a must pasalubong for any visitors of Iligan City. From Mimbalut Falls, we went straight looking for Cheding's Peanut. It has been in Iligan City for decades. It started with just roasted peanuts, and after 47 years, there are now 10 different flavors available.

While at Cheding's Peanut, I asked their staff for the best or must try food in Iligan City. Almost in chorus they aswered, Lechon! Hmmm, we had our breakfast and it's too early for lunch, but we are leaving Iligan City. Being a foodie family, we have to try it then. Asked them again, where is the best lechon and they all said "Sa Dado." Ok lets go and find Dado 's Lechon.
Dado's Lechon is actually Peping's Lechon Hauz "Dado," located in Tibanga Highway, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. It's a roadside eatery, and why it was the best for the Cheding's staff. Because they were awarded as 2016 Best Tasting Lechon in Iligan City. We ordered a 1/2 a kilo that we tried right there and ordered a kilo to bring home. We cook lechon at home, and its not something that would make a mark for me. It was cook just the way we do it at home, and maybe because I have tried Cebu's Ricos Lechon, Zubuchon and Boneless Lechon Belly, that all made an impact on how we are going to prepare our next lechon at home. 

I do encourage you to try Peping's Lechon and bring home Cheding's Peanut, because food is the best way to experience and explore a place.