Probinsaya: Duck Raising

It is my first post about our life in the province, I call probinsaya. I am not an expert on farming or agriculture, except that I a grow up with it and in it. It is in a way help my parents to provide for our needs.
I believe this is my time to learn and love it. One of the farm project that we started this year is duck raising. We bought 50 heads of 2 days old Peking duck last January. And after 4 months it weighs about 5-6 kilos.

Before starting this project, we went to visit Kuya Jojo farms, where he raises Peking duck and supplies it to a restaurant in Sultan Kudarat. There we learned that ducks are not hard to raise, as long as there is sufficient food supply. The down side is that they love moist or wet areas, and most of the time there pen gets so smelly. 

We raise our ducks in our backyard, to address the bad smell especially after heavy rains, we spread charcoal rice hulls that we get from the factory. The most important thing about it, is to continue learning about by talking with other duck raiser.