Pizza Sunday at Home

Living in the province gives us a lot of time to be with family. Sunday is the day that we tried our best not to do anything related to work. It is the day of the week when we can just sit, relax and make conversation as family.
Now that our kitchen is almost done, it has been the favorite spot in the house. Or I can say that we spend more time in the kitchen now than in our living room, which is better, except that, we cook and eat more often.
One Sunday, after our siesta time, Browie asked me if we can make pizza and asked Ate Miya Bird to come. The ate in me, just can't say no to the one and only brother.
We got the recipe of our pizza dough from Yummy Magazine, it's my go to magazine when I run out of recipes to cook for the family. Pizza is the easiest Sunday treat because you can have whatever is available around. And because we have basils growing Mama's garden, we have it fresh.