General Santos City:Have Sam Thai

A sure way to know that we love and like a certain restaurant is when one visit is not enough. We first tried Have Sam Thai via its delivery service during Papa's skin graft operation at St. Elizabeth Hospital.
And from that very first bite, comes the 2nd and the 3rd bite of experiencing Have Sam Thai. At Have Sam Thai, you don't simply eat, you get to experience the food. I call it an experience because of the services we get every time we eat. 
Their delivery service is effecient and fast, and they do not charged a delivery fee at all. We ordered; Brewed Lemograss Tamarind Tea, Thai Fried Chicken, Fresh Spring Rolls and Fried Hito. It was a blast, the whole family loved the Lemongrass Tea, that we ended trying it at home. But then Have Sam Thai's is the best.

The second was during Mama and Papa's regular check-up. We wanted to experience eating in the restaurant itself. We had; Lemongrass Tea, Crispy Fried Hito, Oat Crusted Shrimp, Pancit Molo, Pork Satay, Fresh Garden Salad and Thai Halo-Halo. We ended our meal full and happy, because of the great service they extend to us. The food was great especially the Thai Halo-Halo that made Browie extra happy every time he bites into that Thai Sago.

The third visit came too soon, we picked Sissy from the airport and off we went to Have Sam Thai. For one very simple reason, Sissy have not tried it yet. We came mid-afternoon so we ordered; Lemongrass Tea, Brewed Coffee, Pizza, Thai Burger, Pad Thai, Fresh Spring Rolls and Thai Halo-Halo. It was a thumbs up for Sissy and the first thing she appreciate about their service is that they asked if their customer has allergy on certain ingredients. I even bumped into Gov. Steve Solon, it was nice catching up with him.

Have Sam Thai uses only the freshest ingredients and you can really taste the difference on the food that they offer. And it is only here, that I never feel guilty in what I put into my body. So the next time you want Filipino and Thai food express, have it at Have Sam Thai.