Travel Diary 2016: Staylite Suites

Staylite Suites is the one of the best finds I had in our Northern Mindanao Family Roadtrip. Our Iligan City stop is the only stop that I did not bother searching for place to eat and stay before we took the trip, because it was not part of our plan to stay for a night in Iligan City.
I started searching for a place to stay the moment we entered the city area, it was already dark, and traffic starts to build-up. Yes, traffic because of the narrow streets. Staylite Suites just struck me out of nowhere, like a randomcopter telling me this it. We followed Mr. Google again and it brought to Staylite Suites.
First thing I noticed, the place looks and smells clean even at the information area. Right then I decided to check-in. Second check for me, it's perfect for travelers because of its options of the hours of stay. Third, reasonable and affordable price. And fourth, their staff are nice and accommodating.
We opted to get two rooms for 12 hours stay for only Php350.00. The best place to stay for a night. They stand true to their tagline of being "Your Home in Iligan City."

Mama and Browie having a midnight snack of Clarin's suman

The bed that accommodated four of us; me, Mama, Miya and Ate Nene