Travel Diary 2016: Radz Grill Hauz

Arrived in Iligan City past 6:00 P.M., and we need a place to stay. Thanks to Mr. Google as it points us to Staylite Pension, which is just a few blocks away from Iligan City's food center.
After checking-in, we went back to the street where we saw restaurants standing next to each other. This is the kind of travel that I look for, no plan, no checklist of places to stay and eat.
Radz Grill Hauz is located at Corner Quezon and Ubaldo Laya Avenue. It was one of the restaurants that are not yet full with customers. It's a local food place and it has seafood based on their menu, it must be the place to be to have our dinner.
We ordered right away, we had the "boodle fight" that is good for 6-8 pax. It comes with a pitcher of Four Seasons and Iced Tea. Our last meal that day was our lunch in Oroquieta City, so the moment our food arrives on our table, we literally boodle over it. The "boodle fight" has; grilled bangus, crabs, shrimps, "lato" and mango, squid and chicken. The food was good.