Reflection: Easter Sunday 2017

Happy Easter! Christ is risen and is seated on the right hand of the Father. Easter is the day when God shows that through His son, Jesus Christ, He overcomes darkness and save us from our sin. And all we have to do is believe in Him, in his capacity.
Our family welcomed April 1st, with panic because of Papa's blade accident. But then while we reflect on what God has in store for us, as a family through that accident, we were elated with so much gratefulness in our hearts. It became an opportunity for us to see God's mighty blessings in our lives.
Like what I have shared in the Church, in my Good Friday's reflection on the 3rd Word of Jesus during His crucifixion. Philippians 4:19 says, "My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Jesus Christ." Just as Jesus can provide for his mother in his weakness and  humiliation, how much more can He meet all our needs today from the right hand of God, full of power and wealth and glory.
The blade incident, became a manifestation of God's glory. I felt blessed when Kuya Guard, at the hospital noticed the times I passed by bringing food, and said "maayo pa ka, pagkaon na pud." We complain a lot, even with little problems, without seeing the bigger blessing before us. While I shared that to Mama, she told me that yes despite the fact we are in the hospital, we are blessed that all you need to think of is what food to buy for our patient and the "bantay". The day I was at the billing section of the hospital, again I felt to guilty to be thinking about how tired I was waiting for the released paper. Just then, I overheard someone asking if she can pay the full amount the next day, because her brother went home to borrow money. Here I am simply waiting for that paper, that will tell, we have nothing to pay for because the bank takes care of all the expenses, complained of being tired. I feel so ashamed to think about that.
Fisrt day at the hospital

Being in the hospital, made us realized the need to take good care of our body and be mindful of what we take in. It became an opportunity for Mama to thoroughly undergo all laboratory test, which if not for the blade incident, she will never find the time to do it.
Lunch on Palm Sunday from Have Sam Thai
Fresh Spring Rolls
Tamarind Lemongrass Lemonade
Mindful eating, starts with these organic lettuce from a farm in Palkan
Dinner at home, fresh rolls with beef and hibachi sauce
We became the children who would take good care of our parents. Browie, at 10 years of age showed tremedous concern for Mama and Papa. It was on a Thursday morning that Mama and Papa went to be admitted in the hospital, while I opted to stay at home to finish all the orders for that day. When my Browie read the text message of Mama, that they haven't had lunch yet, he keep asking me to hurry up so that we can help Mama at the hospital. Browie stayed at hospital from day one, waking up at night to help Papa to go to the comfort room.

All that we experienced in the hospital is God's way to show His greatness. On the day of Papa and Mama's check-up, something far greater is waiting to be revealed. On our way home, despite all the health concern of my parents, we were smiling, talking about God's purpose, why He let that "blade" accident happened. Can't help, but to get excited with the new investment He is opening for us.
Indeed Christ is risen. So let us take courage in the care and power and provision of our Lord. If he was eager to care for his mother, how much more eager will He be today to care for those who hear and do the Word of God!
Easter Sunday Cookfest

Carbo loading but always in minimal amount, tamarind juice from real tamarind fruit 

Green leafy vegetables, meat for protein

After Easter Lunch GG game