Travel Diary 2016: A Suman Surprise along Clarin, Misamis Occidental

A pleasand and delicious surprise awaits travellers passing by the Municipality of Clarin in Misamis Occidental. After a failed attempt to buy suman in Oroquieta City, we were in for a surprise along the road of Clarin.
First we saw a green structure that resembles a banana leaf, then there's a building post that looks like an opened suman. We were driving quite fast that just when we were about to pass the bridge, I remembered a post I read about Clarin's suman. I asked Lolo Boy if we can take a U-turn to check if they sell Clarin's suman.
And YES they do have SUMAN. Suman in every imaginable  flavors like; peanut, chocolate, pandan, mango, even durian and more. Aside from suman they do have other delicacies and pasalubongs.
Papa bought a durian flavored suman, nobody dared to eat it, except for Papa. And based from the fact that the next day when we looked for it, he just told us that, "ubos na." Then I can say it taste good, my favorite was the mango flavor while Browie liked the chocolate one.
Clarin's suman house is located on the left side along the national highway when going to Ozamiz City.