Travel Diary 2016: Lunch at Kamayan sa Oro, Oroquieta City

We arrived in the capital city of Mizamis Occidental, Oroquieta City just in time for lunch. It's the 8th province we stepped into on the 2nd day of our family road trip. For a wanderlust family, being on the road gives us a different kind of energy. 
It was cloudy and with a sign of rain coming just how we left Dapitan City this morning, but that can't stop us.
Kamayan sa Oro is one of the many restaurants I found in Mr. Google, it was the easiest one to navigate and the nearest one in our current location when I checked.
Kamayan sa Oro is located at 17 Pastrano, Oroquieta City.  It was an old house, renovated and converted into a restaurant. It was a perfect choice for us because the food they serve is "turo-turo," we just point it and we can eat right away. Food was good and affordable. But what makes it more special is the people we meet. While paying,  the Mama asked the owner where we can buy local delicacies or pasalubong. And there it goes, a conversation and Ate, the owner asked one of her servers to buy for us the best pasalubong from Oroquieta City, Nanettes's Broas. It started to drizzle, but still Ate even called the suman maker, said to the best and even better than those of Clarin. Filipino hospitality never fails, I feel so proud of Ate, the owner because she takes extra effort to boost other local entrepreneur. 

Ice Cream and Coffee after lunch. Ice Cream courtesy of our Ate Nene

Just when, we got back into the car, it started to rain that we were not able to go to the suman maker that Ate told us about. If there is one thing that makes me happy travelling around our country, its the people I met along the way.

Travel Date: November 4, 2016