Reflections: Psalms 37

The past weeks has been so heavy and hard, that I am losing the drive to do all the plans I have for Aurora's Kitchen. But there is one thing I never stop holding on, my hope  that the LORD can turn every obstacles along the way into opportunities.
Tonight was the turning point, when every stones of evil devices was overturned and revealed. I may have questioned our capacity to produce and provide the best service to our customers. But then like the boy with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, God can multiply it a hundred fold. I simply have to lift everything I have in my hands to Him, no matter how small it is.
Psalms 37 on the other hand, reminded me to simply do good and every good things that what I do deserves will come. Grateful and blessed for all the blessings that the Lord showers upon us, Aurora's Kitchen and our plans.