General Santos City: Fligo by Chef Minerva

Fligo by Chef Minerva is one of the many new restaurants in the city that with have tried before 2016 ends. And it was an adventure in our plate and palate. With how it was presented and how the dishes tasted was an adventure that brought us around the world.
We started with coffee, for a coffee lover family, it is a must for us. We ordered the Vietnamese Coffee. For lunch we had; Shrimp Burgers, Banh Mi, ES OU DI, House Salad, Fligo Shrimp, Chicken Tenders, Jambalaya and Crispy Shrimps. See how our taste buds went crazy over these, its like going to Lousiana then to Vietnam and back. It was a great experience for the family, especially  that we have Lola and Ate Nene with us. Ate Nene has been with our family for 17 years, she is our kitchen master and letting her taste and experience this would be a great way tolearn something new.
Fligo by Chef Minerva is located in Cabe Subdivision, Lagao, General Santos City.