A Family Weekend in Lake Sebu

Spent our Saturday in the lake town of Lake Sebu. Lake Sebu is South Cotabato's summer capital. It has been our family's go to place for summer or every time we have friends and relatives visiting
Recent events, made it a perfect getaway for our family to relax. But more than anything else, its a perfect time to bring Pastor Emma Ruth to experience Lake Sebu. We tag along Mama and Papa as they attend the ESSA in UCCP Colonggolo, Surallah. 
After their meeting, just in time for lunch, we headed straight to Lake Sebu. We had lunch at Punta Isla. Been here a gazillion of times, but every visit for me is a different experience. Punta Isla had acquired its adjacent lot, it now has a hydrophonic system, where they grow lettuce and other vegetables. Me and Browie played tour guide to Pastor Emma Ruth as we went around the resort.
On our way to Punta Isla, we passed by a roadside ice cream shop that sells Lettuce Ice Cream. We made it a point that on our way home, we have to stop for ice cream and it was the same ice cream me and Browie had during T'nalak 2016. Marvelous Mountains Nature Farm, serves organic food and share healthy living. They have; lettuce ice cream, lettuce salad, lettuce juice and fresh and processed meat. They tag it as Lake Sebu's Little Secret.
Our weekend at Lake Sebu, is a small voice telling us, as family that there are other ways that we can serve as channels of God's blessing to others. That weekend opened another door for us. It also reminded me to choose the battles to fight. Battles that would make you grow and flourish as reflectors of Christ.