Travel Diary 2016: Montano Sardines

Montano Spanish Style Sardines is Dipolog City's most popular food delicacy. And as foodie family, we did not stop until we found where to buy the famous sardines. We checked-out from Antonio's Pension at exactly 6:00 A.M.. But before we head to Dapitan, we went to look for Montano sardines outlet, and with the help of Google we found it in Martinez Village, Turno, Dipolog City.

When we got there, we learned that they open at 8:00 A.M., but then, the heart of TAGUPCI is in. I asked the Kuya cleaning the pasalubong outlet, if he can at least consider selling us even a box of sardines because it is the only pasalubong our family asked. Even added that we came all the way from South Cotabato just for this and we can't wait until 8:00 A.M.
Kuya just can't say no to me then, he told us that he will not open the door he will just prepare a box for us. Mama bought a dozen of assorted Spanish Style in Corn Oil and Spanish Style in Tomato Sauce.
Traveling and cooking is ME. Because every time I bring home something from my travels, I always   find ways to incoporate it in my cooking. Anyway, the Corn oil variant is a big hit to Browie, he likes it so much that he had it in all three meals in one day.
A week after our roadtrip, orders of sweets and baked goodies were so full. There were days that I have to stay at home to bake the whole day. And in one of those days, when the need for a quick meal calls, I just boiled some pasta, opened a bottle of Montano sardines, tossed pasta with some sardines' corn oil and shredded sardines and I had Spanish Style Sardines Pasta for lunch.