Travel Diary 2016: Chapters Book Cafe and Bon AppeTEA in Dipolog City

We settled to stay together in one room at Antonio's Pension; Me, Mama, Browie, Miya and Ate Nene. While Lolo Boy and Papa stayed in the other room. After watching the news, it was too early to go to bed, so I asked who wants to come with me to explore the boulevard and look for a place to have coffee.
A few steps away from where we stayed is Dipolog  Sunset Boulevard. Along the boulevard are restaurants and cafes, that is a good respite for those looking for working people and even students.
Our first stop is Chapters - a book cafe. I know the place prior because it comes up everytime I searched for places to eat in Dipolog City. But I was not prepared to what welcomes me as I stepped inside the cafe. Felt like Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, that I cannot stop myself from having OH-WOW moment. No words can describe the place until you see it and experience the place. Aside from its unique interiors that made a mark in me, it was also my first time to experience having "freak drinks." It is called so because of how freaky it looks, wherein every imaginable chocolates, candies, biscuits, even chips can be added to your drink.
Look up Browie

The "ate" in me, wants to give the best experience to my siblings so I ordered; the Salted Caramel and the Death by Chocolate. Browie also ordered anextra large fries.

Mama did not come with, so Browie was a bit uneasy knowing Mama was alone. After enjoying and forcing ourselves to finish it, Browie went back to Antonio's with Ate Nene, while me and Miya looked for a place to have my coffee fix. And right next to Chapters is Bon AppeTEA. I ordered a cup of brewed coffee. After I finished my cup, we went back to Antonio's to rest for the night.

It was just two of the many cafes and restaurants along Dipolog Sunset Boulevard.