General Santos City: Kusina Victoria

Kusina Victoria is the place for my family. Been here twice in one month, because of the delicious food that simply taste like home. Recently, my parents got the hobby of driving and coming with me when I deliver orders in General Santos City. And the only thing they asked for, is a hearty lunch. Hmmm, I find it so cute every time my parents would asked me if I need the car and the next would be, would I want them to go with me. Having my parents with me and treating them out to lunch is so beautiful. Family is a gift, that reminds us how our Lord loves us.
Kusina Victoria is very homey and and relaxing. A real gem tucked within the busy streets of General Santos City. An old house converted into a restaurant, and finding it is a challenge in itself.

On my first visit, it was just me, Papa and Mama. The first visit was so memorable because we ate an order that we did not order, a testament that the food were so good, that I did not remember ordering Shrimp Rebosado. Besides its food, service and the people were great. That I have to insist on paying for that Shrimp Rebosado, they keep telling it was their mistake, but then I find it proper to pay for it. Just before we Mama had this,"sayang wala si Browie mo, magustuhan nya gid ni." As an Ate, I know what my Mama wants, to have Browie with us on our next visit.
Baby back ribs
Sweet and Sour Fish, good thing that they use Tuna
the memorable Shrimp Rebosado
Sinigang na Hipon
Mixed Vegetables

The second visit did not came too long, in just few a weeks, we are back for lunch with Browie. True enough it was a big hit to Browie that even at home he keep on telling Ate Nene how delicious the food was.
A must try, Fresh Lumpia
Beef Curry
Honey Glazed Chicken
Spanish Style Pasta

Prices and servings are so affordable and big enough for a family of four. I highly recommend it for those looking for a place to eat that serves home cooked meal. A must try is their fresh lumpia.
Kusina Victoria is located at Cascuejo St., Dadiangas East, General Santos City