A Blessed Birthday To Me

February 19 is a very special day for me every year. It's a celebration of the day Mama risk her very life to bring me into this world.

This year celebration is something different and special for me. It was on a Sunday and I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to be in pulpit to share the Lord's wisdom. Sunday before my birthday, our pastor asked me if I can give the message next Sunday because she will attend an ESSA.
The birthday is a testament of how our Father in heaven works. It has been two years since the last time I was given the chance to share the Lord's message. And on my birthday, I was able to let the Lord  spoke through me. Matthew 5:15-16 speaks of us Christians to be the light of the world. Right after our church service I feel so blessed that I allow the Lord to use me, because of the hugs and kisses I got after.
After church service, we invited friends and family to have lunch at home. Ninang Gie also came with a big gift, and joked that she made her wedding gift in advance. We also enjoyed Tita Vangie's newest cake creation, Mama ordered a two-tier floral Choco Butter Caramel cake, that taste so heavenly.

Grateful and blessed for the gift of life the Lord gave me. And I pray that my life be use to a reflection of Jesus to others.

Ninang Gie's gift, a turbo for more cooking
Miya's gift, her very own painting
 Event Date: February 19, 2017